In a connected world Men and Women are now meeting each other online through websites and phones, here is the info you need to survive this new virtual world.

Beware the Constant Texters


Over texting can destroy a relationship.

Over texting can destroy a relationship.

There is a new age of dating where technology has taken over, the trick is to make sure technology does not control your life. This goes for a new love or new dating prospect, Man or Woman. People are getting more and more involved in the texting movement but technology is making us as a people more and more lazy. We begin to shorten our phrases such as LOL and OMG . Punctuation is almost non-existent in the texting world which is the most important part it “punctuates” if we are yelling, questioning, or other important emotions to a conversation. And then there is the constant barrage of texts that can consume your whole day, and especially with people with low self-esteem you have to regulate how much your text or respond. This is the worst technology virus destroying human social interactions.

Things you should look for, and not do, when you are in a new or old relationship:

1) Over text an individual: this can be annoying all day and especially if there is nothing important to say. You can usually tell if someone has low self-esteem if they text too much and get upset if you do not respond right away this is a huge red flag, set your texting boundaries right away. If you are the texting culprit, put yourself on a 5 text all day minimum, or at least acknowledge that there are happening around the world that do not cease when you are bored. There is nothing more ridiculous than someone texting you and you are unable to respond right away for an emergency only to come back to your phone and find out that the texter has written large amounts of texts asking where you are, getting upset with you, or making up what is going on because you are not responding.

2) Use Punctuation: No sure when people gave this up or got too lazy to add a period, question mark, comma, or exclamation. It is .5 seconds out of your day to find that item, use it, this will convey your texts better.

  • Example: “I did my dad and now I am going to the night club.”
  • What it should of said: “I did, and now I am going to the night club.”

3) Sexting & Nude Pic: this is something new that is getting out of control, leave the erotic texts and nude pics to the privacy of the bedroom. There are too many stories of kids doing this in elementary school, hackers who can get into your phone, and even worse, ruin a relationship with a fantasy texting life that has become too large for the real thing that often becomes a huge epic failure. There is also the chance your kids, co-workers, and even your family might accidentally dig into your phone and find them.

4) Be Calm: If someone you are texting does not get back to you right away, there is usually good reason for it and should be proceeded like a missing persons report. There is no reason to overreact unless it has been over 24 hours since the last text. This is very common for people who do not have a career job, or who has unlimited time on their hands they need the constant reassurance that someone is there for them 24 hours, 7 days a week. This behavior is usually directly affiliated with low-self esteem they need the self assurance right away or their imagination will get the best of them these constant texters can destroy a relationship single highhandedly over the phone.

5) The Obvious: do not ever Text and drive, some constant texters are so self centered that the lives and safety of other people around them are less important than a text “Hi” message to a friend. If you see a prospect doing this, please acknowledge to them that what they are doing is dangerous and wrong.

Texting is a brilliant way to convey quick information such as times, events, even reminders. But when it has become the main source of your conversations there is something wrong. If you text all day what is there left to talk about when you see each other. Control your texting and put up boundaries right away or texting could possibly be the fall of your new found loves or a basic relationship.

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