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Craigslist Ad Dating Website Review

Craigslist Logo has a huge free personal list that allows you to post anything about yourself in a text format and add pictures and images. You can browse freely anything from casual, to platonic, and even romantic encounters. You can even find a missed connection where you can try to reconnect with someone you just met but never got their information or your long lost love. Each posting is dated and you can view hundreds of new personals ads per day.

This site is not great for finding your one and true love, the only real advantage is that it is completely free to post and review other posting trying to find a relationship. So the only major flaw are people who take advantage of free communities like this. Since it is not moderated there are a lot of casual encounter ads (prostitutes), spams who will send advertisements straight to your email through craigslist, and a lot of headache. For every one real posting on craigslist personals there seems to be at least 3 fake posting of people harvesting your information asking for emails and or pictures. Be very careful when you visit the Craigslist personals.

Might be a cool place to check out if you are on a budget and do not want to put money down on a dating specific website but do not expect much in quality posters. If you post a personal do not be surprised if you get a lot of spam email, and if you get a reply from someone be very careful on the information you give out. Make sure he/she is a real person and do not give out personal information too freely.

Over all we give Craigslist personals ads a D+.

Good Points:

It’s Free

Lots of personal ads every day

Bad Points:

Too many spammers

Difficult to find who is real and who is not

Will always need to worry about personal information security


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