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Does My Profile Make Me Sound Prejudice or Racist?

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Everyone has a specific type of man or woman they wish to date but be very careful about what you write on your online dating profile and be very mindful of what you read on other peoples. A lot of times there are hidden in between the line things hidden in someones profile that you might of scanned over but did not realize what that person is really professing. Such as people who only date within their own race or will only date someone of a certain physical shape. A lot of times this could be professed as a basic preference but in this world of ours shouldn’t everyone have an opportunity no matter what height, size, or color they are.

If you are one of these people that have a specific preference then you are better off to leave this off of your written online dating profile. And if someone responds to your ad that does not fit your requirement of physical attributes then just write a nice email saying; “Thank you for your time but I am not interested right now.”

This kind of nice let down lets the person you know that you are not interested and that you appreciate that they were interested in you.

A common ugly remark on some peoples profile are; “I am only into white guys/girls and I am not racist but that is my preference.” or another common one is; “I am not into fat chicks so don’t bother me if you are one”. These types of quotes will make you sound prejudice or racist.

Yes these are real common quotes on many dating profiles. When you read them out loud they definitely sound prejudice and racist but the people writing could honestly be the opposite but you would never know because of the way they convey the message. And the person they are actually trying to attract may read these quotes and even thought they might not be in that category they are not attracted to, that person reading my take offense to it anyways or think the horrible extreme of you.

When writing your own profile on and online dating site go by the rule that most mothers teach. If you do not have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all. If you have specific preference then leave it to yourself and only focus on mindful attributes than physical ones and you will get a lot more quality responses out of your online dating profiles.

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