In a connected world Men and Women are now meeting each other online through websites and phones, here is the info you need to survive this new virtual world.

Never go too far with a Selfie for Online Dating

inappropriate selfie pictures

Inappropriate Selfie can ruin your life

Right now is a Selfie revolution where people are taking more and more pictures of themselves. Usually starts with their face, then their clothed body, then doing something crazy, then they get a little more risque.

Sharing a picture of yourself on your profile is a great idea but also remember that people can always find a way to take your image and use it for evil. When you use a picture for a dating site make sure you are professing who you are and what you look like, nothing more. More risky pictures are for people you trust, but you are even more protected if you do not take pictures like that at all. In the age of hacking and free information even celebrities get their embarrassing pictures and video tapes flooded on the web.

We suggest 3 pictures at good resolution to refer to how you look and who you are. 

  • The first picture always starts with the face mug shot. It should be a clear picture for your face only and should start at the top of the head all the way down to your shoulders. This will be your first picture every guys or girl sees. Note: if you star at the camera when people see your picture they thing you are staring at them and get awkward, try to look off a little to the side.
  • The second picture should be a full body shot, a quick pose and rated G. This will help people who are more shallow or into looks to really see the full picture of what your style and looks is. the best way is to have a friend take a picture of you in front of a bland wall.
  • And the third picture should be of you enjoying an activity that you really love. This will profess who you are as a person and will keep a reader interested. If you enjoy surfing a lot then have a picture of you doing that, if you are a book nerd then maybe a pic of you relaxing and reading. This is very important! If you are not into sports, but you have a picture of yourself at a sports event then when someone sees a pic of you it will not represent who you are and will cause and instant mismatch.

Also resolution is important to protect yourself, the images should be 800 pixels or less for each image. the reason for this are there are plenty of companies and people that steal images for their own uses and it is harder to use smaller images for editing. There are also people out there who take pictures of people as a collection and it is a little scary what they use them for so the best quality picture is a basic quality picture, never a high quality.

Also a huge warning sign that the person is a creepy picture collector is after the first few email he/she asks for more picture and is very aggressive about it. This should throw up a warning sign, if you already have 3 minimum pictures on your profile what is the reason for more.

Also, NEVER! And we mean NEVER! Share nude pictures, there are people out there who will tell you anything you want to hear, and even manipulate you into thinking they are such great people to get nude pictures of yourself. If you do send one you run the risk of them being posted across the internet or even worse can be used for black mail. Always think about your future as well, an extreme example is if you decide to run for politics and you have a nude Selfie out there, it is possible they will come back to haunt you and destroy your credibility.

When dealing with online dating profiles and selfie, always protect yourself first and this will deter other people who have other motives other than getting to meet you.


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