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New Relationship Game – Pin the Marker on the Calendar!

Desk Calendar

The most common complaint from women and sometimes men about what they wish their man/woman would do for them, is surprise them more often. Most of the time Men and women in a relationship will often get emotionally stagnant after a few months to a year. And with everyone having huge busy schedules with work and life it is even harder for people to remember that your partner has needs as well.

Play the Relationship game! The easiest way to solve a problem like this is to literally take a calendar and place it in front of you, pick up a marker and randomly mark days where you will surprise your significant other with something. It could be creative, it could be a gift, it could be just a nice walk at the beach but pick random days that do not fall into a celebration category date.

If you are having a problem marking days on a calendar then blind fold your self and stab your marker down and turn each calendar page and repeat. This is actually a really fun way to find your random days of love therapy.

Some people have a knack of falling into a routine where you only celebrate with your partner when there is a specific date scheduled and is already supposed to be celebrated as such. But imagine how much more your relationship can me if you select one random day a month to stop by and get your partner some flowers, or a random visit to a park together alone.

This lets your partner know that you were thinking about them even when it was a day that was not special specific but by doing this your make our partner the special specific thing.

All Men and Women love surprises all the time, so by making your surprises random, this will throw your partner off balance and will show him/her that you care about them all the time and not only on the holidays.

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