In a connected world Men and Women are now meeting each other online through websites and phones, here is the info you need to survive this new virtual world.

Woman’s First Return Response to an Online Dating Profile

Woman Online Dating

Woman Online Dating

You put up a profile on a dating site searching for the man of your dreams and now you get a response. This is an exciting new voyage you are going on and you do not want to mess it up, but you also do not want to throw yourself into danger, so here are a few things you should look for.

1. Did he have a profile up? If he did not this could be a sign that he is hiding something, or brand new to the website as well. If he does have a profile then read it carefully some people will take a look at the profile picture only and base everything on looks.

2. Check the dates! Check the dates on his pictures and check the dates when the profile was posted or updated. Sometime people change dramatically and forget to list it, something as simple as non-smoker 3 years ago and now he is a smoker and you were specifically looking for someone who doesn’t.

3. Always have your guard up! do not tell him you have a guard up just be weary about the information he tells you and that you respond with. You should never give too much personal information out there, a first name should be more than enough unless you have a very unique first name then use a common fake name until you feel comfortable with the gentleman. Also if you give up too much information it could be a ploy to find out what your usernames and passwords are to your computer, it seems far fetched but it does happen.

If you enjoyed the response and everything initially checks out then respond quickly. Most of the time guys are checking out multiple profiles at a time and if you are looking to develop communication then the present is now. Some women feel that it is like giving out your phone number that you should give it a few days to respond but in the online dating age that is a myth, if you wait a few days to respond then he could have already gotten a response from another woman. Also to believe that a guy will wait for you to respond because of your own self-centered attitude then you really do not know men at all, they are visual beings, the last thing they want to do is to read and write all day.

When you respond, answer their questions briefly if he asks how many pets do you have just tell him the amount, names, and a quick blurb if you begin to write four paragraphs about your animals you will lose him quickly. Think of your first response as a quick description of a movie the less you write but the more info you put in like a balancing act the better response you will get. It is the same thing with the rest of your message back there is no reason to tell him your life story from beginning to end all he wants to know is who you are as a person right now, not who you were 5 to 10 years ago.

DO NOT LIE! Do not put up pictures or send pictures to a guy that are 10 years to 20 years old. Never lie about your martial status, or play the well if I do not tell him something important about myself then it is not a lie at all. Even if it is a simple as you have a fear of heights but you respond to this potential guy that you go skydiving all the time the lie will catch up with you quickly.

The last thing is not to be too eager, this is the time you can allow the guy to wait a little bit, at least 3 conversations worth of waiting or three days which ever comes first. Sometime as women and men get a little bit lonely they are quick to rush into each others arms without really getting to know the other person so each person has an imaginary fabled view of the other person before they meet and then because they did not get to know each other well enough when they do meet up it is an extreme let down.

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